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Cloud Wallpaper

15. September 2009


I’d like to share my newest Wallpaper (showing my love for nice clouds ;) ) with you; there are two versions available, one in the aspect ration 4:3 (can be found here) and the same in Full HD Resolution (here).

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Summer Photos

30. August 2009


14. Juli 2009

Good Morning Sea of Clouds

12. Juni 2009

Sea of clouds

Half past 5 in the morning, Steyr covered by lots of clouds.

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Spring so far

16. Mai 2009

Hello Spring

22. April 2009

View outside my Window Dark Clouds over Steyr Skyline

My mum always likes to remind me of the fact that i spend too much time in front of my computer and not out there with “mother nature”. Today i took her advice and made a peek outside my window and this is what i saw. Maybe I should listen to her more often ^^

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Industry Steyr

25. März 2009

Industry Steyr

One of my favourite photos, showing some smokestacks in Steyr. Also available as Wallpaper on my Homepage, Section “Bonus” (ANDREASZ.COM/BONUS)

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Table Play

25. März 2009

Glass Caustics

That is the result of playing around with the table decoration, with a little help of the sun.

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Summer Greetings

24. März 2009


Cross n Flowers

Cross n Flowers

A constant summer remembrance in my car; photo taken with my sony T100.

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