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Logo Styling: A gentle Redesign

30. September 2009

Logo Styling Logo Redesign with effects FX Logo Effectlogo Web 2.0 Logo shiny Logo

The assignment was to “style” the existing logo (the lower one on the picture) and to give it a final revision to make it “perfect”. During the process we decided to not only add some effects but to also change the fonts and the background color for a better, more professional look. The new Logo is basis for business cards, paper and a homepage.

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Richard Rise’s Autumn 09 “Tour”

30. September 2009

Richard Rise Herbsttour 09 Dj Duo Electro Electronic Music Steyr Flavor Three Luxor Warehouse

Looks like a lot of Party in October, November and December. We are going to play in Luxor (Steyr / A), Club Flavor (Steyr / A), Three the Bar (Steyr / A), AG Fest (Salzburg / A) and the Warehouse (St. Pölten / A).

Additional Flyers:


Extra Elektro Club Three the Bar Steyr Richard Rise Electro Electronic Music Krocher Hase

And as always, additional info:

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Hell in a Cell / 10. Oct 2009

16. September 2009


Saturday 10. October 2009 in Club Flavor Steyr.

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Extra Elektro / 16. Oct. 2009

16. September 2009